Spring Cleaning


Do you like to do spring cleaning?

Most people don't. The stress about what to do first and wasting a whole day doing stuff you hate to do, is enough to discourage anyone. But doesn't it feel great when you’re done spring cleaning, the house smells good, it looks great and you feel proud of your home?


Spring is the time to get your house clean of the winter dust and germs. Let us come in and do a total top to bottom cleaning for you.

We will dust and polish, clean your bathrooms and kitchen, baseboards, and much, much more.


We have the ability to wash windows, floors and steam clean carpets. We scrub on our hands and knees to make sure your floors are clean and we always use new vacuum bags on every cleaning.

We also use a reputable linen service to make sure the cloths we use to clean your home are clean, disinfected and sanitised. Why do we go through all this trouble for you? We can sum it up in two words "dust mites".


Dust Mites are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide.